We would like to thank the Taking Oncology Rehabilitation Online Co-design participants and steering committee for their valuable contribution and feedback. 

Co-design Participants: Vinicius Cavalheri, Rhiarna Hill, Travis Hall, James Sloane, Jessica Freeman,  Dr Sharon Czerniec, Tracey Duggan, Ellen Callery, Edward Chan, Trena Youngblutt, Kristen Capron, Judy Holland, Stephanie Walker, Prinisha Shyam, Deb Cooper, Kathryn Clark, Emily Carroll

Steering Committee: Professor Kristin Campbell, Dr Bianca Devitt, Jane Auchettl, Gina Akers, Liz Simkiss, Keith Oliver

We would also like to thank Dr Elizabeth Pearson, Kelcey Bland, Alesha Southby, Prof Nora Shields, Carrington Health, Dr Sharon Czerniec, Dr Elise Gane, Andrew Murnane, Sarah Grimshaw, Alesha Sayner, Eastern Health, Unsplash and Cancer Council NSW for contributing to resources used in this website.