Reassessment and Follow Up


Following the conclusion of the Oncology exercise program, patients will require reassessment of the initial Patient Reported Outcome Measures and Physical Assessment Measures. These outcomes can then be compared to the baseline assessments.

Furthermore, patients should be provided an opportunity to express what they thought of the program.

This can be completed through a Post Program Survey.

This evaluation will inform the effectiveness of the program and provide opportunity for improvement.


Follow Up

When you have concluded the exercise program with your patient, it is necessary to provide a GP Discharge Letter with a summary of the progress made by the patient and any issues raised during the rehabilitation program.

All cancer patients are recommended to continue exercising consistently throughout their survivorship.

If your program is a time limited service, consider referring your patient on to another exercise service.

To determine the type of exercise service see the “Managing Referrals” page, “How to decide type of rehabilitation”  subtab.

For a variety of exercise services which provide Oncology Rehab go to the “Locations” page.

For resources to motivate and educate your patients to continue exercising, please see the “Patient Education” page.