Multidisciplinary Education

Education is an important component of oncology rehabilitation programs that is highly valued by attendees. The learning needs and preferred format for delivery of educational content will invariably vary between individuals, rendering it difficult to prescribe a ‘one size fits all’ structure. Education may be delivered via a formal format such as a group facilitated discussion, delivery of a presentation or web- or paper-based information sources. It will also likely occur informally via discussions with exercise facilitators, peer attendees, family and healthcare professionals. 

An overview of topics and healthcare professionals that could be useful for generic oncology rehabilitation programs is listed below: 

TopicWho could presentPotential Resources
Exercise Physiologist
Home Exercise Program Exercise Diary
Catalyst video link
Patient Experience Video
Cancer and Exercise Fact Sheet/Booklet
Move your body fact sheet
Weekly activity diary
Supportive Care ServicesSocial Worker
Cancer Care Nurse
Supportive Care Weblinks
Cancer Services Directory
Find a local support group for patients/carer
WeCan Cancer Supportive Care Website
Fatigue/Sleep/RelaxationOccupational Therapist
Cancer Care Nurse
Cancer Fatigue Live Better Factsheet
Can Sleep
Meditation Apps
Cancer Care Nurse
The CanEat Pathway
Australian Guide to Healthy Eating Brochure
Nutrition and Cancer
Understanding taste and smell changes
Find a cancer dietician
Cancer Council NSW Healthy Eating after Cancer
MedicationsCancer Care Nurse
Understanding Complementary Therapies
Medicinal Cannabis Information
Understanding side effects – Peripheral Neuropathy
Your emotions and cancerPsychologist
Cancer Care Nurse
Mental Health Care Plan - Headspace
Better Access to Mental Health Care
Emotions and Cancer

GP and long term healthDoctor
Cancer Care Nurse
My health and wellbeing plan - Cancer Council
Questions you might want to ask your doctor - Cancer Council

Advanced Care PlanningDoctor
Cancer Care Nurse
Advance Care Directive for Adults
Appointment of medical treatment decision maker Checklist