Subjective Assessment

It is important to have a comprehensive understanding of health issues affecting your patient. Issues to discuss in your baseline rehabilitation interview and/or obtain from the medical record include:

  • Past medical history and premorbid conditions
  • Current and past cancer treatment
  • Current symptoms/exercise limitations/precautions
  • Past and current exercise history
  • Nutrition status
  • Cognition status
  • Rehabilitation goals

An example rehabilitation assessment form can be found here.

You may use validated patient reported outcome measure’s (PROMS) to help quantify your patients progress. Below are recommended measures for cancer rehabilitation.


Health Related QOLEORTC Quality of Life Questionnaire- Cancer 30, (EOTRC QLQ)GoodGood – Excellent30 items
11 mins
Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-General (FACT-G)GoodExcellent27 item
5-10 mins
FatigueBrief Fatigue InventoryExcellentGood - Excellent10 items
3 mins
Multi-dimensional Fatigue Symptom Inventory Short FormModerateExcellent30 items
10-15 mins
10-point Rating Scale for FatigueExcellentModerate1 item
3 mins
PainVisual Analog ScaleModerateExcellent1 item
2 mins
Numeric Rating ScaleExcellentExcellent1 item
2 mins
McGill Pain Questionnaire – Short FormModerate - ExcellentExcellent15 items
2-5 mins

Source: Adapted from APTA Edge Taskforce

*NB some PROMs may have associated licence fees

Further Multidisciplinary Screening