Patient Education


Empowering our patients to better understand the benefits of exercise is an essential component of our work as exercise professionals.

The following are useful resources that can be provided to your patients in regards to living with cancer and participating in exercise. 

MD Anderson Cancer Centre – How Exercise can Reduce your Risk of Cancer

Cancer Council NSW – Exercise Benefits and Demonstrations 

Cancer Council VictoriaExercise and Cancer BookletInformation regarding purpose of exercise, some exercise types and examples. General Overview. Printable PDF and booklets can be ordered.
Move Your Body FactsheetSingle page info sheet with basic exercise education and tips for increasing activity
American College of Sports Medicine
Moving Through Cancer
Sit Less, Move MoreTwo page information sheet promoting initiation of activity and ideas for integrating standing/exercise into daily life
Exercise Guidelines for Cancer Patients and SurvivorsDescriptions of specific dosages of exercises to manage specific cancer related symptoms.
Being Active When You Have CancerBasic handout describing benefits of exercise, different types and simple suggestions of how to start.
Moving Through CancerOne page infosheet/infographic explaining benefits of exercise and starting prescription.
Exercise for Cancer Prevention and TreatmentSimple infographic explaining the benefit of exercise in preventing 7 types of cancer
Prehab4CancerWebsiteInformation and resources to assist people a new diagnosis of cancer to prepare for and manage treament
Australian Physiotherapy AssociationWebsiteFact sheets and education relating to cancer, physiotherapy and exercise
My Care PlanWebsitePatients can develop their own cancer care plan to identify and manage their needs
Australian Cancer Survivorship CentreWebsite Variety of resources, fact sheets, handouts and community connections for patients and clinicians